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Fred's Adventures

What's included?

  • Lodging- Shared room, the budget option; double rooms for the love birds; apartments ideal for familys or/and for those who want to cook their own meals!

  • breakfast- A buffet breakfast with all you need to give you the energy to surf better than ever before!

  • Lessons-Either if it's your first time or you've already tried it, with our personalized teaching method we will take your surfing to the next level!

  • Video Analysis- A great tool to help you improve your performance!

  • Welcome Dinner- A great bonding opportunity where you can meet the team and the other guest.

  • Closing Dinner- The perfect time to share memories and start planning your return!

  • Photos and movies- So you can see it later and share your good moments with your friends

  • equipment rental- the lessons are not enough? you can take a board and try by yourself

  • Towels, bedsheets and cleaning- You will need a beach towel

  • Lots of fun & unforgettable moments!- You are sharing your most precious time with us, your vacation time, so we will do everything in our reach to make this the best time of your life!

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