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Fred's Adventures is committed above all to quality and its main objective is to build bridges and partnerships for the future.



Growing up in a small village, Fred has always had the privilege of appreciating the beauty of nature. From an early age he walked through the woods, building shelters with his cousins and friends, or on walks or bicycle rides. All these experiences awakened his explorer instinct and the desire to be outdoors, leading him to a degree in Nature Sports and Active Tourism.

A pleasant coincidence led him to a project that allowed him to acquire national and international experience in adventure sports events, launching him into a life forever related to sports and outdoor activities, more recently dedicated almost exclusively to surfing.

An important milestone in his life was also the opportunity to be raised by his grandparents who instilled in him values and principles that are increasingly rare in this fast-paced and crazy world.

This project was born from a dream about one of those principles: Sharing! The main purpose of everything is sharing. Sharing values and principles passed down by his grandparents, sharing all the knowledge acquired over almost 20 years of professional experience, sharing the beauty of our small country and also all its stories and experiences!

Sharing will always be the starting point to make your experience unforgettable!


It sets out the long-term goals for Fred's Adventures as a company:

To inspire people to find the best in them,

Ramp up value and make a difference


Always aiming for excellence, Fred's Adventures has specific guidelines that guide the organization towards sustainability and quality.

People: be a good workplace, where people are happy to collaborate,

Customers: help clients grow and find their best version through the activities presented,

Partners: build a network with the aim of creating mutual and lasting value,

Planet: share the message of sustainability and respect for nature so that we can all enjoy as much as possible, causing the least impact.


Guides Fred's Adventures actions and behaviors:

Leadership: guide people to find the best in them, helping them to become better and more confident;

Cooperation: enhance collective talent,

Integrity: act transparently,

Responsibility: Be responsible,

Passion: give yourself "body and soul",

Quality: always aim for excellence.


These are U.S! We work every day to provide you with a fantastic experience. Click on the links to learn a little more about us!



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